Living in Cyprus

With the continued rising cost in the United Kingdom have you thought of living in a country where costs are considerably cheaper?

We have provided you with a list of average costs based on a two-bedroom apartment:

Water; consumption every 3 months is around €30 - €50

Electricity; this is most probably the highest utility bill you will receive – most properties have solar heating for water so you have a saving there especially from around Mar – October.  Older air-conditioning units cost a lot to run and would recommend that you purchase new more efficient and cost saving units.  The average cost in July & August (when temperatures outside are extremely high) is around €150.00 + (with new units).  An old appliance i.e. Fridge Freezer may cosy more to run than purchasing a new one.

Heating; not like in the UK where apartment have gas central heating in Cyprus we do not have any heating installed.  You can use your air-conditioning units but this is costly and not recommended.  DIY and electrical stores in the winter time offer a good selection of heaters from halogen, oil filled radiators and electric heaters.  To take the cold off the beds before getting in you could use an electric blanket.  Houses, some do have oil central heating with a plant room situated outside the property with all the equipment in – the cost is around €200.00 and should last 2 – 3 months

Cooling; as said in the Electricity section - older air-conditioning units cost a lot to run and would recommend that you purchase new more efficient and cost saving units.  For the milder summer months ceiling fans or stand-alone fans are an excellent choice and costs little to run. When viewing a property to purchase an important factor is the age of the air-conditioning units and if they have the new gas or not, you can tell if old by the discolouration of the units – to replace 3 units (2 x 9000btu bedrooms & 1 x 24000btu living area) the cost including fitting is from €1700.00

Community Tax (Rubbish Tax); These bills arrive around September time and are around €130 - €250 per YEAR

Property Tax; is very minimal and goes on the price of your property in this case you are looking at around €25.00 - €40.00 per YEAR

Immovable Property Tax (IPT) this was abolished in 2018

Communal Fees; Well what can we say on this they vary from complex to complex and it all depends on what you communal has to offer i.e. pool, fitness room, gardens etc… for a well maintained complex you are looking at around €80 - €100 per month.  The cost is calculated on the covered area of your property so your neighbours may more or less than you.  The smaller the development the more fees you pay

Property Insurance; this can vary - an average would be around €200.00 excluding contents.  Some complexes include this within the communal fees and all you have to do is pay for contents insurance.

TV License – there is no Annual TV license.  There are packages which offer some UK TV channels – remember though that we are 2 hours ahead of the UK so your favourite soap will be on late at night

Internet – the average household costs around €30.00 - €35.00 per month (CYTA)

Mobile – contract cost anywhere between €11.00 + depending on the package you want (CYTA)

In summary the cost is around €230.00 – these figures have been based on a 2-bedroom apartment located in Peyia, Paphos with communal; pool and with 2 fulltime occupants, you may be able to find cheaper insurance, internet and mobile services:

Water               €10.00

Rubbish Tax    €11.00

Electricity         €50.00

Property Tax     €5.00

Property Insurance *€17.00

Communal Fees    €90.00

Internet           €35.00

Mobile             €12.00

Total               €230.00


* If your property insurance is included within your Communal Fees you can minus this amount – it is important that you ask the question ‘Does the fees include property insurance?’

Food & Beverage

Shopping; Depending where you shop the average weekly food bill is around €50.00 - €75.00 (based on two people) – instead of using brand names such as Heinz, Kellogg’s try some of the local products which are cheaper.  Some supermarkets sell UK supermarket products such as Tesco or Waitrose but not cheap!

Alcohol; there is a lot to choose from the local brands are much cheaper (and stronger).  The main beer is Keo followed by Leon.

Bakeries; we all love that guilty pleasure of a nice chocolate cake – well you are in for a treat Cyprus has many bakeries to choose from the main being Zorbas and Papantouiou bakeries, a large piece of Apple pie (feeds 2) costs around €1.50 and a slice of Carrot cake is roughly the same price

Restaurant; A typical meal per person costs €25.00 - €30.00 (including one drink)



Getting around /Vehicles

In this section we will inform you of the costs of transport from buses to owning your own car:

Buying a car

As with any Country buying an older car could lead to problems, always buy from a reputable garage.

  • Car insurance is around €250 - €400 per year depending on the age or cc of the vehicle. 

  • Car Tax again the higher the cc and emissions the higher the tax – a 2018 1ltr car is around €50, but a large gas guzzling 4 x 4 could be up to €600.

  • MOT is every 2 years

Buses; for €1.50 (Evening €2.50) you get a one-way ticket, there are season tickets where you can hop on and off all day if you wish - For instance if you live in Peyia and have a €40.00 monthly ticket and you get a bus to Coral Bay, Coral Bay to Paphos Harbor, Paphos Harbor to the old town and return - so 6 buses in total that a lone is €9.00.

Taxi’s there are many around – always ask the price, the government capped the price (Jan 2021) of airport taxi’s being no more than €35.00 from Paphos Airport to Peyia the minimum is €20.00

Petrol prices are on par to UK prices

A car service is around €150.00 +

In summary to this section based on two people living in a property and a standard 1ltr car the following figures will assist you:


Per Week

Food                    €50.00

Car Insurance   €25.00

Car Tax                 €5.00

Petrol                 €80.00

Total                 €160.00


The monthly outgoings are approx. €870.00 (€160.00 x 4 = €640. + €230.)

The figures provided have been taken from our own personal experience and may differ depending on how, what & why